Clear aligners or braces may be an option for you for many reasons. Your bite may need to be corrected or your dental hygiene is in danger because of crooked teeth. Maybe you don't like how your smile looks.

Braces are a significant investment in time and money. These barriers could have been standing in the way of your success for many years. Clear Aligners may be the best option for you. Here are seven things you don't know about Invisalign aligners.

  1. Watch your smile change!

Traditional braces change your smile behind them, so you won't notice a significant difference until they are taken off. Sometimes, it can take years. Aligners can be taken out and cleaned regularly so that you can take care of your teeth. This means that you will be able to see how your teeth' position changes over time.

  1. Your aligners are almost invisible

You may be thinking that Invisalign aligners are like the trays that you get with an over-the-counter whitener. Aligners may be something you've seen on people who have never realized.

Aligners are made specifically to fit your teeth and are comfortable. They are difficult to see because they are clear and fit very closely to your teeth. Contrary to traditional braces, which are very obvious, people may not notice them.

  1. To eat or drink, you need to take off your aligners

Your aligners are removed when you eat or drink. After you're done eating, brush your teeth and place the aligners back in. You can eat whatever you like and don't have any worries about your aligners getting damaged.

  1. There are different sets of aligners for different purposes

You actually get new aligners every 2-3 weeks. Each set is different and progressive. Your teeth will move a little bit in the first set, but then they will be moved a lot more in the second set.

You can also get new aligners every two weeks, which means that there is little chance of them getting stained or damaged.

  1. It is easy to clean your aligners

Invisalign offers a cleaning system to keep your aligners clean and invisible. You should also remove your aligners each night, brush them gently with your toothbrush, rinse them, then return them to your mouth.

  1. It's less likely that an emergency visit will be required

Braces that are traditional include wires and brackets, which can sometimes break. You will need to address a sharp wire in the mouth and make an emergency appointment with the dentist.

Invisalign Clear Aligners make it less likely that you will have to go to the dentist. Your aligners won't be broken.

Regular checkups are necessary, which should be scheduled every 6-8 weeks. These visits are where Dr. Samet will check your progress and make sure that everything is going according to plan.

  1. A retainer is still necessary

To get the best results from Invisalign, you will likely still need to wear retainers after treatment. This will help keep your smile beautiful.

Invisalign Clear Aligners may not be for everyone. Book an appointment with an Invisalign dentist in Miami to discuss aligners.